• Strive for Five Home Reading Challenge

Strive for Five Home Reading Challenge

Your child will have in their book bags either a reading diary (YR, 1, 2) or a planner (Y3, 4, 5, 6). We ask that each time your child reads, either to you or, as they get older, independently, for 20 minutes, that you record this in their reading diary/planner and sign it.

Your child needs to read at home FIVE TIMES in ONE WEEK – and with this recorded in their diaries/planners by you, each Friday morning, these will be handed in and registered and the whole school’s reading will be logged.

Once your child has read five times a week, FIVE TIMES, they receive their first ‘reading button’.

There are FOUR reading stars to collect – which should take 20 weeks.

We then move onto ‘WISE OWL status’ with Bronze, Silver and Gold 'Wise Owl' badges. To get to GOLD 'WISE OWL' status, your child will need to read at home FIVE TIMES A WEEK - 35 times. This might sound a lot but there are 39 school weeks in the year and the remainder of the 52 weeks of the year are holidays.

We cannot emphasise enough how important reading is for your child’s current and future educations. For them to read with you and for you to read to them on a daily basis is the very best gift you can give your child.


Strive For Five Whole School Reading Challenge