• School Dinners

School Dinners

A hot school lunch is available to all children. The meal is currently free of charge except for children in Key Stage 2 and Nursery. The cost of lunch is £2.65 per day and is supplied by Dolce from September 2022. Please see below for further details. 

Spring Menu 2023

Summer Menu 2023

School Milk

If you would like to order milk for your child for the 1st half of the Summer Term (17th April – 26th May 2023), the cost for milk will be £8.12. This works out at 28p per carton per day. Orders must be in school by Friday 17th March 2023. No orders can be taken after this date. Please note that milk cannot be reimbursed if a child misses a day or is on a trip, as we have to order in advance for the whole half term.

Please email your order to office@hayton.cumbria.sch.uk and payment (if applicable) will be made available on School Gateway.

If your child will still be under 5 or is entitled to Free School Meals then your child is entitled to have free milk if they wish. Please email the above email address indicating that they wish to have milk if this is the case.

Any queries please contact Mrs McDonough office@hayton.cumbria.sch.uk.


Children not participating in school lunches bring sandwiches to school in their lunch box. We ask parents to try to provide a healthy balance of foods designed with their own child’s tastes in mind, but ask that sweets and chocolate be discouraged. It is essential that your child has a drink with his/her lunch but please check that drinks are sealed properly to prevent spills. We discourage fizzy drinks in lunch boxes.

Cold water taps or coolers are installed in classrooms to allow children access to fresh water at all times. At morning break all children receive a piece of fruit or vegetable free of charge. Sweets, crisps etc. are not permitted. Milk is available free of charge to children under 5 and at a subsidised rate for older children.