• Long Term Planning

Long Term Planning

Curriculum Long Term and Medium Term Planning 2022-23

Please see the documents below which detail our learning this year. We have had to re-write our long term plans because our class structures and number of children has changed . From 2023 onwards, we shall we working from a two-year rolling programme across the different phases of the school (Early Years; Years 1 and 2; Years 3 and 4; Years 5 and 6) however for 2022-23 we have a one year cycle for Key Stage 2 to take on board all the learning children have done previously as well as the change of classes and curriculum structure.

This document below details both the long and the medium term planning for Years 1 to 6 this year (to follow)


This document below details the learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage:

Long Term Planning - Nursery

Long Term Planning - Reception

Long Term Planning - Maths

Curriculum Long Term Planning 2023-25

This document below details the two-year rolling programme moving on from 2023: